As-Safar Umrah Services | Individual trips
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Individual Packages

Completely customized for you.

Choosing an individual Umrah trip has many advantages such as increased flexibility over dates of travel, and freedom of hotel/airline choice.

However some disadvantages are an increase in price and the absence of a scholar to accompany you on your trip.

  • Side-Trips

    Make a side-trip before Umrah, after Umrah, or both, you decide the entire trip.

  • Airline

    We can find you the best airline rates for the destination you need.

  • Accommodations

    staying at a 5 star hotel or with your in-laws, you decide.

  • Transportation

    whether you want to go by camel or rent a convertible, the choice is yours.


Planning a side-trip is something a lot of our customers do, so we thought we would make it a little bit simpler.

Here are some of our most famous side-trips, but a side-trip can be made virtually anywhere.

  • Turkey - Istanbul

    Always a popular attraction because of the famous Blue mosque, and deep islamic roots.

  • Lahore - Pakistan

    Maybe you would like to visit your home country ?

  • Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Another famous side-trip for families, usually after Umrah.


We deal with many airlines to get you where you have to go at the most affordable price.

Some of our airlines include: Etihad, Emirates, Saudi Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines and Gulf Air.


As-Safar Umrah services deals with 4 & 5 star hotels from around the world, providing you with the most affordable rates possible. 



Hotels from around the world


We don’t want you to be worried about transportation when you get to a foreign country, so we’ll take care of it before you leave.

There are numerous options for rental vehicles in almost any country in the world. Finding the best rate for your preference is what we do best.